Venue - Glasgow University Union

We had a wonderful time on the 28th at the wedding reception of Mr & Mrs Gallagher. It was a little bit of a rocky start to the evening. As we rolled up to the venue, David had accidentally locked his keys in the van... fortunately, we have plenty of spares between us and we were in unloading in no time!

The Union is a rather strange venue to load in too, there are several sets of steps and a small lift at the rear, we swiftly made the decision to carry everything up the two flights of steps as moving it to the back of the building and slowly carting it up the lift would probably take more time!

The stage was a very generous size, coming mostly from pubs, we're use to being cramped in a corner, this had much more of a rockstar feel. The first dance was "Blink182 - I miss you" an odd but inspired choice as it most certainly broke the trend for previous first dances we've learned, the couple and their guests praised us for our rendition.

We played all the way through until 12:30 & had a task on our hands carrying everything back downstairs but it was great night, the couple were delighted, left us a smashing review - now we look forward to the next one!