The Mixing Desk



At the heart of everything, is this serious piece of kit. With it's wireless control option, it allows our sound engineer to wonder around the venue ensuring the sound is just right for everyone. 12 XLR inputs, 4 monitor outputs and a Live recording option (all of those speeches at the end of the night on birthday's, weddings etc can all be recorded and provided at your request).


Wireless Systems


Line 6 Wireless 2.4Ghz XD-V75 microphones

We want to ensure we have absolute clarity but with the ability of a quicker set up time (less wires!). This is Line 6's best microphone range, using the 2.4Ghz WiFi band means it functions just like a wired microphone, delivering the full dynamic range, rather than a compressed spectrum as with traditional wireless microphones. 


Line 6 Relay G50 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Similar to the above, we do not want to compromise our guitar sound but we do want less cables to plug in, the G50 uses the same Wi-Fi band technology as the Line 6 microphone range to ensure we can wireless without any unwanted interference.  


Sennheiser Wireless monitor packs (with SHURE SE215 IN EARS)

Using lots of monitors at venues, especially smaller one's, introduces more noise. The louder the on stage noise is, the louder the Front of House system needs to be. The band need to ensure they can hear each other so they can deliver the perfect performance that is deserved at your event. To ensure this, we use a wireless in-ear monitoring system. This means the band can hear each other's vocals, backing vocals, solo's - be in perfect time with each other - and reduce the overall noise created so the audience isn't deafened and all have ringing ears by the end of the night!   


The Speakers


MacKIE SRM650 Professional series

These speakers come with the slogan "Built Like a Tank" - Understandably so, 800 watts RMS, all wood, internally braced cabinets. We have two of these that we use as part of our main wedding PA . They provide fantastic sound quality with ample power and allows us to ensure we're providing an outstanding experience to our clients.



Red 5 Audio RV215A Active PA Speakers

We have 4 of these 300W bi-amped PA speakers. Generally we'd only use 2 on top of our two 15" subwoofers in medium sized venues. Most people will not have heard of Red 5 Audio. They are a very much our best friends though. Red 5 manufacture excellent products, comparable to much more expensive companies in the field but at a fraction of the cost. As we've mentioned, we don't like to compromise, quality is key - regardless of cost but with Red5 we can get quality at a fantastic price.


Red 5 Audio RV210A Active PA Speakers

This is the smaller 10" version of the 15" PA speakers above. We use these as monitors occasionally depending on venue size but usually are mostly in smaller venues or for acoustic performances where larger speakers are not required. 


Alto TSSUB15 Subwoofers

We tested several subwoofers in the plus £1000 range and we didn't feel for the extra cash they were commanding the extra £600+ as the Alto TS range are only £350 a piece. The Alto black range was the only sub we considered purchasing instead but with the extra weight, this could be an issue for some load ins to venues. So Size, Price and Quality made us choose the surprisingly cheap but quality Alto performer. 


LANEY 15" Active wedge monitor

Used for the low end fill and Lead Vocals at the front of the stage, this very old Laney 15" wedge monitor has been with us since 2009. It's a 300 Watt Active wedge monitor that is heavy, well built and provides EQ controls as well as the option of powering a slave monitor. We suspect it'll keep going for many years to come! 


The Guitar and Bass Amps


George Dennis Mighty Mouse MkII Valve Guitar Amplifier

Possibly our best bit of kit, this $2000 hand built open-back valve combo is absolutely tremendous. Used by our lead guitarist, it delivers every single time, with every type of music. We can't imagine life without it, especially in venues big enough to really let it roar. It was recently serviced and the EL84 valves were changed for premium quality Tesla valves, the tone is beautiful. 


Ashdown MAG300 Bass Amplifier

A solid performer, sturdy construction and 307 watts (yes, 307!) so it can be used from smaller to larger venues. We've had this amp for around two years, currently looking for a valve head and cab to potentially replace it, just to provide some extra clarity but by all means, this amp is excellent and will continue to be with us as a backup even if we change to a valve amp.


Other Peripherals 


Tracktor Kontrol S2

A go to choice for DJ's, the Traktor S2 is a fantastic bit of equipment. Used by our sound engineer whilst the band is on a break and/or before and after the the band play. The S2 has various FX, the usual EQ, tempo and scratch controls all the basics to ensure for seamless playback. We don't just plug in an ipod and walk away! You really do get the Band and DJ experience all in one package. 


behringer DI800

A must have for any band, a DI box. 8 channels is slight over-kill it's uncommon for us to need that but it has + and - db pads, a ground lift, and unbalanced out as well as link jacks, which makes it a very versatile bit of kit for the price. 



The Mixing desk is wireless controlled, we want to ensure there's no interference with other equipment so our sound engineer can get the right sound even if he's at the very back of the venue. The M20d has a USB to Ethernet connector which is plugged in to the DGL4500. The router is set to 5Ghz band only, this is so the iPad won't cut out or interfere with the other equipment being used in the 2.4Ghz band. This router is absolutely far to powerful for such a task but it's wireless range is magnificent and is a worth while cost for it's never waning performance.