No Scottish wedding is complete without Ceilidh music and ceilidh dance. A ceilidh band is what distinguishes weddings around the world from weddings in Scotland.

Do you want to have a perfect Scottish wedding experience for your guests? We have some good news for you. Too Many Vices is now offering Ceilidh services along with its normal wedding band services.

A wedding day is the most special day for most of the people. They want everything to be perfect whether it is the venue decoration, food or the band playing at their wedding. We understand how important it is for people to have everything as they had planned, so that years later they can look back at their wedding day memories fondly.

Therefore, we provide a one-stop entertainment solution to our clients with the best wedding band services in Scotland.

Are you still confused about why should you hire Too Many Vices to play at your wedding? Here are a couple of reasons why we are the best choice for a wedding ceilidh band.

1. We run the whole show

Our core band comprises of four people but we run the whole show. We take care of music and entertainment related aspect of your wedding. In addition to the regular wedding band service we also provide a 30 minutes Ceilidh music service.

Ceilidh music is a strong and distinguishing element of Scottish culture and even more so of a Scottish wedding. Therefore a professional piper in our group provides the Ceilidh services. In addition to playing pipes, he also plays flutes and regulates Ceilidh dances.

Ceilidh dances are a fun addition to a wedding but without proper coordination it can turn into a disaster. We make sure that you have a fun evening, with your family and friends, without any disasters.

When we say we run the whole show, we actually mean it. In addition to the Ceilidh band services, we also offer acoustic performances, a DJ and provide our own sound engineer & bespoke sound system.

2. We are the most affordable option

The average price for a wedding band in Scotland is £1357 while we offer our services between a range of £1100 - £1300. At Too Many Vices, we understand that you already have a lot of things to look after so we strive to make the process of finding a band incredibly easy for you. We don’t have any hidden charges and the average price range we quoted above includes all our services from DJ, the Band & 30 minutes Ceilidh.

3. We are versatile

A wedding is an extremely exclusive and personal event so there is no ‘one size fits all’ pattern for it. We understand how every couple has a unique idea about their wedding day arrangements and therefore we tailor our services to customise them according to the needs of our clients.