Too Many Vices 3 Piece Acoustic

3 Piece 

Is your function or venue a little smaller, you want a band experience but there's just not the room? We can provide a smaller PA, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars and a Cajon. This allows us to still have the drum beat but without the drum kit and still be able to do the majority of the songs from our set.

Too Many Vices 2 Piece Acoustic

2 piece

Are you looking for an intimate experience, a little background music with a difference? We can use a very shortened down PA system and it'll just be Vocals and a couple of Acoustic Guitars.

Too Many Vices 1 Man Acoustic

1 MAN Acoustic

Do you really need to save on cost but still want excellent entertainment for your guests or customers, some one with experience, with a huge back catalogue of songs, look no further than our lead singer, Paul. David and Paul can visit your venue with a speaker, a mic and an acoustic guitar and give you the perfect day's entertainment, on a tiny budget.