Greenock's newly announced wedding band.

Yes! That's exactly right, with over half us originating or living in and around Greenock it seems odd that we don't regularly play or are particularly known in our own area. We set out to change that on the 22nd of January at the Tontine Hotel's extremely successful wedding fayre. We arrived sharp at around 10am to start loading in the equipment, a week prior to the event, the fayre organiser contacted us and kindly asked if we could play at the event for the duration of the catwalk. We jumped at the opportunity, as up until that point, we would have been standing around a table hoping for enquiries which, we don't think would have attracted the same number of enquiries that playing has done. 

It was a quick set up and a huge amount space to work with:

Tontine Hotel - Wedding Band Greenock

The event ran from 12pm to 4pm, after we set up our playing space, we swiftly moved on to our stand:

Greenock Wedding Band - Tontine Hotel Stand

It started off slow but within 20 minutes or so we were chatting to many future bride & grooms, by the time the catwalk came at 2pm (when we were playing) it really busied up!



We then took to the performance area and played for 25 minutes or so:

Brides at the Fashion Show- Tontine Hotel, Greenock.

Brides at the Fashion Show- Tontine Hotel, Greenock.

As soon as we finished, our stall was mobbed, we were inundated with enquiries, flyers and business cards disappeared and we were advised we would be added to the hotel's recommended supplier list.

The goal was to push our name out a little closer to home - I think we smashed it! We all had a marvelous day and we hope the Tontine decides to have another later in the year.