As you will have noted, Too Many Vices has been under a major re-brand. All new logo, business cards, website, as well as joining every social media platform available. We decided to overhaul our image because of the current wedding market, there is a hint of us getting slightly tiresome after 7 years of playing pubs and clubs but mostly the decision was taken to attempt to challenge the big agencies that currently dominate and essentially own a huge majority of the market. 

Weddings as, everyone will be aware, seem to be hugely expensive affairs. Expenses such as the venue, photographer, videographer, DJ and/or a band, decorators, florist, catering etc. We have heard horror stories of people paying upwards of £2000 for a three piece band (who used backing tracks!) photographers costing £1500+ (way more than they'd charge for any other day of the year). You get the picture, you say the word 'Wedding' and people add a 0 on the end of the price.

Where we believe there is a gap in the market, is offering a package for services that cut out agencies and deliver extremely competitive pricing for either comparable work or in some cases surpassing the work of the established providers. We aim to partner with as many hobby/part-time people and businesses to offer a deal that delivers in value for the customer. A photographer, a DJ, a videographer, a decorator - all whom have proven track record of excellent quality work who all work independently from any agency.

Agencies would argue there is more risk involved as they have the ability to call upon other people when something happens but we're all people who care about what we do, yes we all aren't all full time wedding providers but none of us after all these years have ever failed a client. We all want to deliver the best experience and each of us all strive for perfection in our respected fields.